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A Must for RF Microwave & Test Labs
Over 177,000 Coaxial Adapters
will ship 1 or 2 days ARO in most cases
  • CoaxSol... Where RF Engineers Find Non-Existent Coaxial Adapter
    Available on Demand

  • CoaxSol... Allows you to build Right Angled Cable Assemblies,
    3-Way “T” and 4-Way Cross Cable Assemblies by using our OCP Connectors.

  • CoaxSol... Will Custom Build Adapters & Connectors to Your Exact Specifications.
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  • Non Existent & Hard to Find Precision Adapters, whether Straight or Right Angle.
    Available on demand

  • Move Up Your Prototyping Schedule by using
    CoaxSol Adapters & Connectors

  • Take Your Project quickly to the Next Level with
    CoaxSol’s Custom Manufacturing. Short Lead Time & Low Prices.

  • Non-Existent & Hard to Find Reverse Polarity & Reverse Thread Adapters.
    Available on demand

  • Create and Build Your Choice of Quick Disconnect Adapters
    Available on Demand

COAXSOL - The Immediate Solution to your RF Coaxial Connection Problems.
• On Demand Connectors and Adapters for Your Prototypes.
• On Demand Adapters for your VNA Testing
CoaxSol is the Pioneer in the RF Patent Pending Concept that became known as the "Open Cable Port Technology". It utilizes connectors with open cable ports in the creation of a shocking selection of RF Adapters & RF Connectors On Demand. Sold Exclusively By Federal Custom Cable

Expand your RF designs with the different types of CoaxSol connectors behind the "Open cable Port Technology"
• The Right Angle; the "T" and the "Cross" OCP Connectors
• The Bulkhead and the Panel Mount OCP Connectors
• The PC Mount OCP Connectors
• The Solder Pot OCP Connectors in 3 different types:
Bulkhead, Panel Mount & Press Fit.
Attach any connector or connectors to any of our OCP connectors to create the connector or adapter of your choosing.

CoaxSol also developed the "CB System" also known as the "Connector Butting System"; used economical in the development and the creation of over 50,000 Non-Existent and Hard to Find Adapters; Available on Demand. Using the “CB System” CoaxSol became a pioneer in the creation of the “3-D Adapters”, In and Between Series that can be fixed at 30, 60, 90, 180, 360 Degrees or at any Angle as needed, available on demand.

By using the Open Cable Port Technology Concept CoaxSol is able to bring you Over 177,000 Different Configurations of Adapters available on demand.
• Non-Existent Adapters whether Bulkhead or Panel Mount
• Right Angled Adapters In or Between Series
• "T" Adapters In & Between 1, 2 or 3 Different Series
• Cross Adapters In & Between 1, 2, 3, or 4 Different Series
• Quick Disconnect Adapters

By using the Open Cable Port Technology Concept CoaxSol is able to bring you Over 10,000 Different Configurations of Connectors available on demand.
• Non-Existent Right Angle; Bulkhead or Panel Mount Connectors
• "T" Connectors with 1 or 2 Open Cable Ports
• Cross Connectors with 1, 2, or 3, Open Cable Ports

By using the Open Cable Port Technology Concept CoaxSol is able to bring you Hundreds of Different PC Mount Connectors, All Available on Demand.
• Non-Existent PC Connectors, Straight; Right Angled or Edge-Mount
• Non-Existent Bulkhead PC Mount Connectors
• Simplify Board-2-Board applications by using our OCP connectors to fit any space between boards
• Connect PCB-2-Cable directly. Save on connectors and adapters.
• Use any connector to create a PCB connector of your choice.

CoaxSol OCP connectors are made to fit standard Semi-Rigid Cables; Flexible Semi-Rigid & Flexible Low-Loss Cables such as the following:
Semi-Rigid Cables:

• RG402; RG405 Semi-Rigid Copper
• RG402AL; RG405AL Semi-Rigid Aluminum
• RG402FL; RG405FL Semi-Rigid Flexible
• RG402JFL; RG405JFL Semi-Rigid Flexible Jacketed
• Or the Equivalent
Flexible Low-Loss Cables:
• LL100HF Flexible "0.100-in" OD
• LL116HF Flexible "0.116-in" OD
• Or the Equivalent.

Radius Right Angle Adapters.
CoaxSol Economical Radius Right Angle adapters make it easier to get around tight corners while expanding the existing and expensive tight market of the very few to over 10,000 adapters available on demand.

Non-Existent & hard to find Reverse Polarity Adapters & Reverse Thread are also available on demand upon request for shipping within 48 hours

Non Existent & Hard to find High Frequency Precision Adapters whether Straight or Right Angle are also available on demand upon request for shipping within 3-Days.